Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update on Random Stuff

Today my hormones hit me, along with a sore back. Could be worse, but I hate not being able to function at my full potential. Jason was out of town last night for work and it's hard to sleep without him here anyway. But Ethan kept getting up and I couldn't get comfortable. My boys also rise early in the morning, so I did not sleep well. I got Ethan to school and on the walk back, the hormones started to hit. All I wanted to do was go back to bed and sleep it off and I couldn't I tried to hold back the tears, because I know that it is a silly thing to be upset about. But the tears came. I cried good and hard for about 5 minutes and then I was done. Sometimes that's all you need. I was able to sleep while Michael took a nap, but those days are short lived with a new baby on the way.

Speaking of the baby, we are naming him Aidan. And he's starting to move around and kick me, which I love. It's nice to know he's doing his thing in there. It's surreal to think that soon we will have 3 children. I don't always feel like a mom, and then I think about these boys I have and it's strange and wonderful to think that I am their mother. The one thing I always wanted to be. It's hard, but so rewarding. :-)

Here's hoping I sleep tonight. I also hope my back gets better. It's hard to do all I need to get done when I'm in pain.


Kristy Lou said...

Yup, nothing better then sleep for a mommy and that's the one thing we always seem to be lacking. Hope you get some good sleep in before the baby is here, and I love his name...way cute! :)

Pure Images said...

Aiden! I love it!! That is so awesome Cari. If you are ever having a hard time like that, call me... I would love to come steal little man for the day so you can get some rest. I have kinda been there and it is sooooo hard. I know what lack of sleep does. Its horrible. Esp when you are having the baby during the summer, Ethan isn't in school and Michael might be giving up naps by then... so let me know whenever you need help. :)