Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Learning to swim

Ethan is learning to swim, and it's making us wish he wouldn't grow up so fast. We keep thinking how big he is getting and it makes us feel proud and sad all aat the same time. I treasure all the times I get to see him, just the way he is, but I envision the future he will have and I can't wait to see that either. How wonderful! Anyways, I'm suppossed to be writing about the swimming! Thank you grandma for getting him this swimsuit with the floatation inside...he loves it and it really helps him learn without being too scared. I've included some pictures, and there will be more pictures of this. I will also TRY to load a video. I need Jason's help for that.

Doing it all by himself!
His goofy laugh
Grinny boy
Dad getting him started

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Roundy Clan said...

Very cute pictures of him swimming! :) I love the laughing one