Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baby Photographers

We bought Ethan a Mickey Mouse Digital Camera so he could take his own pictures. Now the reason we got this for him was because it was on clearance for 34 bucks, and they took an additional 50% off...I paid 16 bucks for a camera that normally costs 60. WooHoo! Anyways, his pictures aren't the best yet....but his cousin Lily got a hold of it a couple of Sundays ago, and here is what she took:

Of course a picture of a purse
Ethan playing the guitar
Ethan took this one of me...the flash is super bright...not my best picture...
...LOL....grandma from the teeth down
My sister-in-law Hillary
Jason's brother Ryan...he was posing for her...I think...

Anyways, fun stuff.

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Crystal said...

Cute cute! I love looking at the pictures Brielle takes. It helps you see into their world! Cute stuff!