Thursday, December 6, 2007

Rockband, er, I mean Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was a great day. We had turkey...we visited with family...and we were blessed by Ryan. Ryan brought over Rockband. If you don't know what that is, think Guitar Hero, but with more instruments. Rockband has drums, guitars and vocals. (Sweet!)
Well, it was the hit of the party. So much so, that Jason's dad went out and bought one the next day for here at the house. Woot! Ethan loves it. He requests it. "Guitars?" He loves the guitar, the drums AND the vocals. He does it all. I am so proud! I have a child who loves music! Anyways, I took some pictures and some video. The video isn't ready, but here are some pictures. Enjoy!
Ethan singing. He dances too while he sings.
My two boys...jamming together.

Is my strap straight? Hehe

The family band: Ryan, Aaron, Jason and Matt...Ethan is playing lead...

He loves the drums!

In case you were wondering, the sash and mic stand don't come with the game. It also only comes with one guitar. You have to buy the second one seperate. We thought the stand added a nice touch, and Jason's mom, thought the sash added a nice "rock" appeal.

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