Friday, January 13, 2012


Well, I wasn't going to blog about this but sometimes life is gross. And I'm exhausted so I need to post to get it out of my system.

Wednesday Michael awoke from his nap and I discovered he had thrown up. He had been showing no signs of illness, just a slight runny nose. I thought maybe he just gagged. Nope, that night he threw up 2 more times. Great.... The next day my mom came out because I had a doctor appointment. He made it through his nap fine, so we thought he was ok. Nope, threw up again shortly after he went to bed. That was last night. He made it the rest of the night but woke up very sniffly and not wanting to do much. He has only thrown up once today but that was more from gagging on a tortilla chip I made the mistake of giving him. So Ethan has been fine, but this afternoon, he said he had a stomach ache and then threw up all over my bathroom floor. At least clean up was easy. It was mainly juice but it rattled him. He's feeling better now but I'm wary.

On top of this, I've been dealing with this pretty much by myself. Jason has been out of town so I've been single mom. I'm proud of myself that I could deal with this alone, but I'm looking forward to him getting home. I'm so blessed to have someone who will help me clean up the messes of life. But mostly, I hope my boys feel better soon. I hate seeing my babies sick.

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Pure Images said...

Sorry to hear your boys weren't feeling well. Hope they (and you) feel 100% soon!