Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Discovery Cube

The beginning of this month we went to The Discovery Cube in Anaheim. ( I am not sure if that's the correct name.) Ethan had so much fun there. We will have to go back again one day, but not yet. It cost alot to get in....well but not as much as Disneyland!

Ethan climbing through a porthole in a little submarine.

Driving a car. Beep! Beep!
Taking a picture in a Kaleidoscope mirror.
Jason and Ethan in front of a green screen.

Ethan playing with foam bones.

Riding a triceratops.

Jason trying to be Han Solo...trapped in carbonite.
Roaring at a T-Rex
Crawling through a tube

Making the dinosaur roar.

We had alot of fun and can't wait to do more fun things like this!

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Crystal said...

How fun!! We will have to go there sometime. I remember going somewhere like that when I was a kid and having a blast.