Thursday, November 15, 2007

Pictures of me

I stole this idea from my friend Giang's website. Rules: You answer the question and then do an image search for it. The first picture you find goes up. Sounds simple and really fun!

1. Age at your next birthday: 27

2. A place you’d like to travel: Austrailia

3. Your favorite place: Curled up in bed.

4. Your favorite object: My Wedding Ring

5. Your favorite food: Mashed Potatoes

6. Your favorite animal: Dog

7. Your favorite color: Blue

8. Town where you were born: San Bernardino, CA

9. Town where you live: Covina, CA

10. The name of a past pet: Kailia

11. First name of a past love: Jacob

12. Best Friend’s nickname: Jay

13. Your screenname/nickname: Carebear

14. Your first name: Cari

15. Your middle name: Lee

16. Your last name: Pearson

17. Your bad habit: Wearing PJ's too long

18. Your first job: Old Navy

19. Your grandmother’s name: I will to both: Helen

and June

20. Your major in college: Photography

This was really fun to do. I didn't put the first picture I found on everything, because they were weird, and Kailia was my actual cat. There wasn't much on the internet for that word. Even if you don't do a blog like this, it's kinda fun to see what images pop up when you enter random words on the search engines.

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