Friday, March 16, 2012

Pictures from Michael's Birthday

On March 4th we celebrated Michael turning 2. I can't believe he time has gone by so fast already.

Daddy let the boys have some leftover frosting after he decorated the cake.

We had a store bought cake, but Jason put the Blue from Blue's Clues on it.

Snuggle brothers, relaxing before everyone got there.

Playing balloons with Poppy and Grandma

Ethan posing for mom.

Opening presents!

Cousins on the trampoline

Fun with balloons

With Charlotte and Papa Don

Helping Dad build his motorcycle from Ryan and Hilary

Jason's brothers raided Ethan's dress up box...and this pictures came about.

The birthday cake

Sitting with Papa while blowing out the candles.
Michael had a great party and everyone had fun. It was so nice to spend the day with everyone!


Barbara said...

Happy Burthday Michael!

Barbara said...

I meant birthday! Can't believe he's 2!